• Population Dynamics

Population Dynamics

Advances in medical science and changes in diet and in our environment are transforming the dynamics of the global population. People are living for longer, more than half the world’s population already lives in urban areas with this number predicted to rise to 75% by 20501, and a falling work force is placing strains on the provision of public services.


Investment implications

The theme of Population Dynamics is intrinsically linked to economic development, heavily influencing the types of services and infrastructure needed to support them. Exponential shifts in urbanisation continue to alter the social landscape, increasing demand for infrastructure development. In emerging economies, a broadening requirement for quality education will be crucial and building a basic healthcare delivery system will require time and investment. Ageing populations will require more and better medical treatments while healthcare spending will need to become more efficient. These factors will continue to spur innovation and reform and may benefit business in industries such as healthcare, insurance and savings.

1 UN, December 2013.

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