• Shifting Consumption

Shifting Consumption

Shifting consumption patterns will continue to be a major influence on global growth. It is estimated that over the next 15 years, another 1.8 billion people will enter the global consuming class and that worldwide consumption will nearly double to $64 trillion1.


Investment implications

The Shifting Consumption theme identifies the ways in which consumer behaviours are changing and consequently those businesses and sectors that stand to benefit. For example, a growing global middle class implies a larger need for consumer staples and the increased potential for heightened discretionary spending.

1 McKinsey Global Institute, 'Manufacturing the future: The next era of global growth and innovation', November 2012.


Investing in a changing world - the role of ethical investing

ethical investing

Ethical investing

In our latest debate, our experts share their thoughts on ethical investing and trends in this sector.

Changing environmental circumstances prompt concern over sustainability on many fronts. This creates opportunities and threats, in terms of which companies will be the winners (and losers) when it comes to managing their environmental impact.

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