• Smart Generation

Smart Generation

Remember life without the internet and digital technology? There will soon be a generation of adults who don’t. Indeed the single biggest source of digital disruption over the past decade has been the users of technology themselves – reshaping the way we live, work and do business. Networks, systems, processes are now more sophisticated than ever before. This is giving organisations opportunities to become more efficient and focused – to create entirely new operating models.


Investment implications

Our Smart Generation theme sharpens our focus on the innovations which are driving this new world and the opportunities associated. Of course it helps us to identify technology firms themselves. But perhaps more importantly, it helps us to identify early adopters of technology across industries – from retailers who are increasing their presence online to consumer finance firms which seek to automate and simplify individuals’ financial affairs. We scrutinise the business models that are most able to adapt and thrive – investing in the companies that are most likely to shape our futures.



The trendsetting Smart Generation

Our experts debate the exciting trend in digital innovation driving how companies develop and exploit technology to improve efficiency both internally and to consumers. Read more

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