The trendsetting Smart Generation

We debate the exciting trend in digital innovation driving how companies develop and exploit technology to improve efficiency both internally and to consumers.

Authors: Adam Joy, Patrick Trueman, Ben Ward and Eric Louw 


A pill or tattoo turning your body into a password, a contact lens measuring your glucose levels, a 3D pen that produces plastic models; technology is continuing to advance at an exponential pace. Soon there will be a generation of consumers – the Smart Generation – who don’t remember life without the internet. This generation will drive further change as their expectations for technological solutions to all aspects of life increases. The Smart Generation’s impatience with anything left in the old ‘paper-based’ world, their expectations for faster, slicker, more humanly intuitive innovations are forcing businesses to change the way they operate.

91% of all people on earth have a mobile phone, 56% of people own a smart phone and for 50% of users their mobile is their primary internet.”*



The immersing force of technology now dictates the way we live, work and trade. For businesses, on one hand there’s the threat of not being agile enough to swim in the technology current, on the other there’s the opportunity to exploit its power. Technology is giving organisations opportunities to become more efficient and focused; or to create entirely new business models. Networks, systems, processes and data capture can now be more sophisticated than ever before. The only limitation is imagination.

Smart Generation – one of our core investment themes - sharpens our focus on the innovations driving change in the world, steering us towards potential beneficiaries and away from those negatively affected. Of course it helps us to identify technology firms themselves. But it also allows us to identify technology progress in other sectors; from retailers who are increasing their presence online, to consumer finance firms automating and simplifying individuals’ financial affairs. We scrutinise the business models most likely to adapt and thrive; investing in companies with the potential to shape our futures.

Our investment experts share their thoughts on the trends and innovations catching their attention.

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