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Our investment approach

At Standard Life Wealth, we take the time to understand our clients’ aspirations, financial goals and attitude to risk. Armed with this knowledge, we can then align their needs with appropriate investment solutions.

In order to meet a wide range of investment requirements, we manage assets on a Target Return or Conventional basis. These distinct yet complementary investment approaches give clients a level of choice and flexibility that many of our peers are unable to offer.

Managing Director, Caroline Tye, explains this goal-based approach and how we aim to meet clients' investment needs. Darren Ripton, Head of Investments, and John Hair, CIO, then discuss the benefits of our Target Return and Conventional approaches.


Target return, volatility managed approach:

Our Target Return approach is ideal for clients seeking growth with less volatility, or those aiming to make regular withdrawals from their portfolios, for example, from their pensions.

Our Target Return approach:

  • has a broad level of diversification
  • takes advantage of sophisticated investment techniques not normally available to private clients
  • aims to deliver specific target returns.


Conventional approach:

For clients seeking higher-risk growth or sustainable income generation, our Conventional approach may be suitable.

Our Conventional approach:

  • invests in traditional asset classes like equities, bonds and property
  • aims to outperform the market or an agreed benchmark.

We can use each investment approach exclusively or in combination, depending on clients' individual needs, to provide a truly tailored solution.


Responsible investing

We understand that clients may wish to reflect their beliefs and values in the investments they hold. At Standard Life Wealth, we have a clear focus on responsible investment. By incorporating environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into our investment process, we can meet the needs of our clients, while investing with respect and responsibility.

What's more, we believe that understanding ESG factors and actively engaging with the companies we invest in helps to improve long-term, sustainable investment returns.

As with any investment, the value can go up or down, and may be worth less than you paid in.

Investment approach

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