MoneyPlus Portfolio

Change brings opportunity for innovation and continual improvement. In the Autumn 2017 edition of MoneyPlus Portfolio we look at how innovative thinkers are shaking up traditional models and altering the way we live.

Global report

City life: construction hotspots, urban artisans and heat islands in focus. Plus we reflect on the European elections and their impact on Brexit


Charity investing

Are carbon intensive investments a no-go area for charities? A recent ruling suggests they may be


Wealth briefing

An overview of the issues around moving a defined benefit pension to another scheme


Investing themes

Portfolios need downside protection, but traditional approaches need rethinking


Sector focus: food & drink

In 2016, George Osborne declared war on sugar. How did the big food manufacturers respond?


Behavioural finance

A look at what’s driving the experience economy and what investors can learn from Warren Buffett



Unmanned aerial vehicles have evolved from military assets into powerful business tools



How green infrastructure is protecting cities from extreme weather events


Business & Entrepreneurship

One man's quest to generate electricity from human footfall and a couple's high street successes


What if...?

The Bank of Mum and Dad closed for mortgage lending and looked for alternative investments?

MoneyPlus Portfolio


MoneyPlus Portfolio - Autumn 2017

We explore how city dwellers and construction companies are adapting to less space, more people and hot summers (maybe not in the UK!), and how planners are using nature as protection from flood damage in this autumnal edition of MoneyPlus Portfolio.

Download the Autumn 2017 issue [PDF, 2.4MB]

MoneyPlus Portfolio - Spring 2017

They say a change is as good as a rest and let’s hope so. After the tumultuous 2016 we endured, take some time out to reinvigorate yourself with our refreshed ‘look and feel’ Spring 2017 edition of MoneyPlus Portfolio.

Download the Spring 2017 issue [PDF, 6.1MB]

MoneyPlus Portfolio - Summer 2016

The first half of 2016 was certainly eventful and investors may be feeling a little weary after a period of market volatility and political change. As we move through the summer, it is perhaps a good time to take stock with this packed edition of MoneyPlus Portfolio.

Download the Summer 2016 issue [PDF, 5MB]

MoneyPlus Portfolio - Winter 2015/16

A new generation is on the rise and it has the power to change. Read how the Millennials are resetting the economy, plus a variety of other topical articles and expert opinion in our Winter 2015/16 edition of MoneyPlus Portfolio.

Download the Winter 2015/16 issue [PDF, 8.7MB]

MoneyPlus Portfolio - Spring 2015

We're considering the state of UK supermarkets, strange taxation, and seven steps to passing on your wealth in the Spring 2015 issue of MoneyPlus Portfolio.

Download the Spring 2015 issue [PDF, 2MB]

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