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Our investment experts provide frequent insights, debating the exciting trends that are shaping our world. Read our latest articles below.


The pension generation gameThe pension generation game

The new UK pension legislation has made pension wealth more inheritable than ever. Have you done your legacy legwork?

Download the article [PDF, 78KB]


The Evolution of the Centralised Retirement PropositionThe Evolution of the Centralised Retirement Proposition

In the second of our series, we explore what the future of pension advice looks like.

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The importance of portfolio behaviour on sustainability in decumulationDecumulation: The investment challenge

Our latest paper discusses investors in income drawdown, and the best way to meet their needs. Counterintuitively, we find that it’s not just the return that matters - it's how that return is delivered. We discuss why this is, and what your clients might need from their investments.

Download the article [PDF, 147KB] 

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