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Investment approach

Standard Life Wealth's independent discretionary fund management service

We understand that you lead an extremely busy personal and professional life. That's why you may consider allocating Standard Life Wealth some or all of your financial assets to manage.

We're independent in everything we do regarding investment selection, with complete freedom to select from any funds and securities in the market.

What makes Standard Life Wealth different?

Your investments are professionally managed by our industry-qualified investment experts, all of whom have proven track records managing best-in-class solutions.

  • We'll actively manage your portfolio of investments
  • We'll respond swiftly to market events or changing economic conditions
  • We'll rebalance client portfolios when appropriate so they remain aligned to your goals

Our investment approach

Our investment approach

We take a flexible and dynamic approach to investing, which is underpinned by three key principles.

ESG as standard

At Standard Life Wealth, we have long understood the intrinsic connection between financial performance and how the companies in which we invest our clients' money approach these issues.

We firmly believe that companies demonstrating a commitment to responsible business practices will likely enjoy a competitive advantage in the long run – ultimately rewarding shareholders.

Consideration of ESG factors is embedded in our investment process and investing responsibly on behalf of our clients goes to the very heart of our drive to provide superior investment returns and maintain client trust.

Analytical rigour

Through Aberdeen Standard Investments*, we have access to company management on a global basis, which provides us with significant insight.

All our research incorporates consideration of ESG factors specific to a company or sector and information is corroborated by our engagement with competitors, supply-chain firms and customers. We combine this with market-leading independent analysis to form a complete picture of a company, taking into account fundamentals, such as its balance sheet, cashflow and overall management, alongside its ESG credentials. This adds depth to our investment process and makes for better-informed and more robust investment decisions.

*Aberdeen Standard Investments is a brand of the investment businesses of Aberdeen Asset Management and Standard Life Investments. Standard Life Wealth is part of Standard Life Investments group.

Scale and experience

The dedicated ESG Investment team at Aberdeen Standard Investments has been active in the governance and responsible investing field for many years. This provides us with extensive experience and research-intensive resources on which we can draw.

Responsible investing

We understand that you may have some clients who wish to reflect their beliefs and values in the investments they hold. At Standard Life Wealth, we have a clear focus on responsible investment. By incorporating environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into our investment process, we can meet the particular needs of such clients, while investing with respect and responsibility.

The ESG Investment team actively engages with companies and conducts in-depth analysis on the material issues affecting clients' investments. At Standard Life Wealth, we can then apply that research to stocks we hold for our own clients invested in our Conventional and Enhanced Diversification range portfolios. Not all discretionary managers can offer private clients and charity clients this institutional-level of ESG expertise.